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Brave Frontier Gaming


Important Codes For Brave Frontier To Make You Play Like A Pro

While playing Brave Frontier any not be easy peas for those that have been in the game for a long time, it is always challenging for new players. Finding their way around the game can be quite a challenge and they are going to be times when they might find themselves a little stuck on some levels. This is who for new players out there. To does help immensely that they will learn some really useful codes for brave frontier that works.


Upgrading your town

You will find that it is actually possible to get your town upgraded by using some of your discounted karma. Not many players may be aware of this so it is important that the right steps are followed.

-    Upgrade to the next level.

-    Make sure that the upgrade bar is filled but only until the point where it is almost full. Stop before it reaches the next level.

-    Press the home button. This exits you but will help keep your karma. You will find that they will all be returned afterward.

-    Go back to town. You will only need to spend whatever the remaining balance is so you get to upgrade towards the next level.

-    Just repeat steps one to four when you reach the next level.

It is important to remember though that a technique like this is only going to work if you are upgrading more than just a single level in a single setting. 

Farming honor points

A lot of people might consider this to be quite an old trick, but it is one of those oldies but goodies as it really does work. All you need to do is to go to the mistral for the first quest. Once there, start the quest and then press the quit option afterward. This essentially adds 3 energies- that is equivalent to 80 honor points and that is only in a matter of seconds.


Make the most of the daily tasks

Not many players are aware of the fact that the BP rewards for the daily task missions tend to have fixed pattern. For instance, every day there is going to be 4 arena victories. Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays tend to have five vortex missions. On other days the players will have to do five normal quests located on random maps. There is a need for the player to evolve a unit on Sundays and Tuesdays, 25 crafting spheres or items n a Friday, and the rest of the days, he has to evolve 20 unit fusing.


One of the reasons why it is always suggested that one should learn these daily mission patterns is because this allows him to plan better every time. Thus, allows him to get the daily tasks accomplished not only easily out in a more organized manner as well.


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Leveling up

Probably one of the first things that a new player would be most concerned with has something to do with leveling up. Doing the quest for the fourfold pillar which is on the St Lamia map- its last region- is a good idea. It helps in achieving EXP farming that is quite very energy efficient.


Players who are already at the advanced levels, a good way to level up is to take on the quest Changing the World. This is on Atharva and is quite effective at getting that level up you want fast especially when there s the X2 EXP event going on.


Raising units

All you need to do is dedicated one of the slots for your 10 squads towards putting units that you are presently working on. It doesn’t matter whether it is for BB-leveling, imping, or maxing its level. This is a good way to help you find them a lot faster without a need for you to scroll down every time since they are going to be located on the top part of your list.


Optimizing Jewel/Metal/Imp keys

Not a lot of people are keen on gemming but do want to maximize the use of their jewel/imp/metal keys. Among the most effective codes for the brave frontier to tackle this is to monitor your EXP until you get to level up next. Make sure that you are well aware of the amount of EXP needed for each run. Calculate the runs you can have with your present energy cap and then have it planned so you are sure that you get to level up on the last run. This will help you get your energy refilled fully for the double runs on the parade.